Typist: "A person who is skilled in using a typewriter or a computer keyboard."

Transcriber: "A person who puts thoughts, speech or data into written or printed form."

Why Choose Us?
We are not a “one transcript style fits all” company.  We offer a variety of transcript styles and formats to suit your needs and to ease in your report writing.  We pride ourselves in the personal relationships we develop with each of our customers, while learning and understanding what each of your projects are about.

No hassle pricing.  
We are proud to offer no hassle pricing.  We charge per audio minute, rounded to the nearest minute.  Some companies charge per 15 minute increments.  With us, you only pay for the actual time of your recordings.  (See “Services” for prices.)

+ What is the expected turnaround time for transcripts?

On scheduled Edited Verbatim projects, our turnaround is before end of next business day where we receive your audio before 1:00 pm EST.

Of course, those of you who have worked with us know that our turnaround can simply amaze you! Simplified and True Verbatim is before end of second business day on scheduled products.

  • Note: If you have a deadline that needs to be met and need special attention, PLEASE ASK and we will make all efforts to see if we can assist you in any way that we can.

+ What types of audio can you do? Files and formats?

We can transcribe any digital media. Our software is compatible with any of the following file formats: act, ape, aif, au, dct, dss, dvf, mp2, mp3, mpc, msv, pcm, ra and rm, shn, spx, sri, vox, wav. If your audio is in another format we will do our best to convert it, and this should pose no problem to us.

+ Sending Files. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive? Thumb drives, CDs, DVDs?

If you need a way to send your digital audio, no worries! We provide a secure, easy way to upload your files to your own personal project folder. You can also upload any notes, Discussion Guides or recruit lists as well, keeping all your project information in one place.

While we do still receive some physical media by mail it saves you both time and postage cost by uploading the files, rather than physically mailing them. Before you head to the Post Office, please contact us for assitance!

+ Do you charge extra for bad audio quality?

There is no extra amount of money that is going to make bad audio, good audio. We do the best job we can no matter what the quality of the audio file. We can tweak audio to eliminate some background noises and boost lower audio recordings. However, if respondents were drowned out or not picked up the by the microphones, no "extra" charge will help us hear it better.

  • Note: We have some tips that will help you to get the best quality from your recordings.

+ Will accents from non-native speakers pose a problem?

We have experience and a discerning ear and assign work according to transcriber expertise.

+ Can you transcribe recordings that take place in another language?

While we do not provde translations, we highly reccomend Moravia for any such needs.

+ Recording Tips

If you would like a number of ways to improve the quality of your recordings, please read our tips here.

+ How many interviews can EMT merge?

Excel Merged Transcript (or EMT) has successfully merged over 240 respondents and more can be added if the project warrants. EMT offers several features that moderators/report writers have found very useful, including variables to use in statistical analysis and sorting of data. Click here for a more details or contact us for more information.