1.     PURPOSE

FEM Transcription Services, Inc is committed to protecting the working rights and safety of the people who process and produce the transcripts provided, while recognizing and respecting the cultural differences of all employees and contractors. To this end, FEM Transcription Services expects all its employees and contractors to comply with all applicable labor, employment, health and safety laws and regulations of the United States of America.

This Supplier Code of Conduct may be amended by FEM Transcription Services, Inc from time to time. Its enforcement and/or interpretation rests solely on FEM Transcription Services and does not confer or create any rights in favor of any other party.


All Contractors are subject to background checks and sign NDAs with FEM Transcription Services, Inc.

All Contractors complete a GDPR training session and will continue to receive updated training twice a year.

Contractors are responsible for ensuring compliance with FEM Transcription Services, Inc. Supplier Code of Conduct.


All employees and/or contractors shall be of at least legal age established by law. Official and verifiable documentation of each Employee’s date of birth or legally recognizable means of confirming each Employee’s age shall be maintained.


All Employees shall be treated with dignity and respect. Physical, sexual verbal or mental abuse, coercion or threats or any form of harassment during hiring or employment is prohibited.

Written disciplinary policies and procedures and records of disciplinary actions for all Employees shall be maintained. Illegal or excessive disciplinary actions, or monetary fines are prohibited. Abusive security practices is prohibited.


A.    Terms of Employment

Where required by law, Employees shall be provided a written employment contract outlining the terms of employment in a language understood by the Employee.

Employees’ legal status shall be verified. Only Employees with valid work authorization issued by an appropriate legal authority shall be hired.

Employee terminations shall be in full compliance with the law and copies of termination shall be maintained.

Employees’ age documentation shall be verified and where allowed by law, copies of such documents shall be maintained for each Employee.

B.     Wages & Benefits

Employees shall be paid at least the legal minimum wages for hours worked.

Wages are paid weekly and shall be paid directly to an Employee-controlled account. An itemized wage statement for all Employees shall be provided, which should include pay period, wages earned for pay period, rate of pay, regular and overtime hours worked, and deductions.

Unless required by law, there should be no other deductions from wages.

Employees shall be provided all legally mandated benefits including Social Security, annual leave, sick leave and designated holidays.

C.     Discrimination

Discrimination in hiring and employment practices based on race, color, religion, gender, age, national, social, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability and/or any other status or personal characteristics shall not be allowed.